Kedves, fiatal színész volt a kubai PlayBack színházban… Eltávozott 2012 nyarán…
Szeretettel gondolok rá… Pihenj békében, Maikel!

2 hozzászólás “Maikel Pinon, kubai Playback színész”
  1. Susi szerint:

    I also put a candle in the space where all the friends remind him. He was a dear friend to us
    I remember him not sick or in the death moments, but laughing and always happy, always with a smile, trying to stay alive
    that is the Maikel I want to remember

    so in this beautiful day, I toast for him with joy and feel peaceful because I know he is still laughing somewhere


  2. admin szerint:

    It was good to know you! We had good fun to make this series of photos… I liked your green trousers – you offered them to me. 🙂
    During my stay in Cuba your were one of the biggest help to all of us (together with Susi and Mili)
    Your memory is – I am sure – living in many of us.
    Stay in peace!


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